Taking the Next Step with Innovation Hub

Partnering well with Arizona education innovators and institutions.

We want to stay connected and help provide a community of other innovators and education service providers that are in the education and ESA space for you! Here are some ways to stay connected:

  1. Join our exclusive Innovation Hub Community on Facebook! This group is designed for registered members of the Innovation Hub who are in all stages of their launch to connect, collaborate, and offer advice and support to each other!
  2. Join our ESA Vendor Facebook group!
  3. You’ll continue to receive updates, invitations, and important announcements about the ESA program just by being a part of the Innovation Hub!
  4. Request to join a cohort with other new ESPs in your area or industry. With the support and guidance of a cohort leader, you can get your questions answered and gain additional support!
  5. Connect with one of our partners:
  6. Promote your connection to the Innovation Hub with your badges on your website, social media and emails, or request a webinar with us to let families know more about who you are and what you’re about!
  7. Keep connecting with us if you need help!  Have questions about forms, banking, websites, marketing – you name it! We want to help get you the answers you need. Email us so we can provide you with additional support at any time. 

Got more ideas – we want to hear them! If you have additional ideas about how we can serve you better or connect you better, let us know! You help us make the Innovation Hub better.

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