The Lifestyle of an Education Entrepreneur

Serving ESA families and launching a small business.

Well hello, innovator! 

Did you know that education service providers (ESPs) are the backbone of every state’s education options? An ESP can be anything from a private school or a microschool to a curriculum company, a tutoring business, or an online or in-person education provider. You’re here because you have a vision, unique expertise, and passion to support Arizona students. Whether you’ve got a class you want to teach once a month, or you’re looking to launch a business and new career, we’re here for you. Finding success as an ESP isn’t limited to those with a ton of previous experience in the education space. Innovation Hub will help you bring your idea to life – and connect with your customers.  Here you’ll find the specific business details, skills, and insights you need to launch successfully and connect with families. 

There isn’t a better time to become a new education service provider. 

Arizona just expanded the state’s education savings account program (we call ours an “Empowerment Scholarship Account”). In 2022, Arizona became the most expansive education savings account in the nation when our state extended the program to every Arizona family with a child in K-12. Enrollment is skyrocketing and tens of thousands of new families are looking for new opportunities — that’s where you come in!

Three reasons to take the leap:

1. Arizona families want creative options when they’re tailoring their child’s education. You bring that! Arizonans understand that every child is built differently. No two options are going to work the same way for every child. As a specialist, nobody else can bring your personal expertise to the education space better than you. ESPs are as varied as the students they serve. Families want out-of-the-box options, don’t be afraid to get out of that box! Want to teach knitting? What about car repair? What about opera music of the 1500’s? Whatever you’re into — Arizona kids probably are, too! Your knowledge and expertise matters – and the next generation of kids need to hear about it! This is your chance to get creative and launch something unique and new!

2. Life as an entrepreneur and an innovator is thrilling! Entrepreneurs enjoy being their own boss and find fulfilling work when they’re leveraging their own creative vision to deliver an awesome product. You’re going to find success because you’re passionate about education and you have something innovative to offer. Developing your vision and building a small business is a great way to realize your personal gifts and build your work around your passions and current obligations. 

Developing your vision and building a business is a great way to realize your personal gifts and build your work around your passion.

3. Work as an education service provider is fulfilling. Working for yourself isn’t enough. Researchers have long recognized that entrepreneurs are happiest when there’s a need their business can fulfill and they find increased autonomy in their work. More recent  research, however, reveals that the story is a bit more complicated. The happiest entrepreneurs find variety in their work, enjoy focusing on the details, create success stories for their customers, and receive active feedback for their work. Many successful education entrepreneurs became interested in becoming an ESP because they recognize that working in the education space is particularly fulfilling. When you’re teaching and equipping students, variety, front-to-back implementation, tangible benefits, and active feedback comes with the territory.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, and maybe you’re on the fence about getting started. Or maybe you already have the entrepreneurial spirit to take on a new challenge, but need help navigating the journey from vision to launch. We understand, and we have you covered. The Innovation Hub has the resources, mentoring, and expertise you need to launch a successful education service provider business.

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