Let’s Make it Official: Register your Business

There isn’t a better place to be an Education Service Provider than Arizona. Before you pursue your dream in Arizona, let’s button up some details.  

Arizona’s requirements for business registration depends on a variety of factors — where you’re doing business, what you’re doing, and how you choose to organize. In Arizona, there is no statewide business license. Businesses are required to file paperwork with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), the Arizona Secretary of State (SOS), and their local government (municipal or if operating in unincorporated land, county) depending on a variety of factors. 

There’s a bit to sort through. We’ll get you headed in the right direction.

There are a few circumstances that require you file with the ACC.
  1. Forming a limited liability company (LLC) requires you file Articles of Organization. Your Articles of Organization is a simple document outlining your company name, address, members, and registered agent (your company’s point of contact for the government).
  2. Forming a corporation (including nonprofit) requires you file Articles of Incorporation, a detailed legal document outlining your business including company name, purpose, shares, directors, and officers.
  3. Securing a 120 day hold on your company name today but plan to form a (nonprofit) corporation or LLC later. Company names are ultimately filed with the Secretary of State and you can choose to secure your trade name with them before filing with the ACC.
You’ll need to file with the Arizona SOS if:
  1. You’re forming a limited partnership (LP).
  2. You’re seeking to reserve a partnership name prior to filing a limited partnership of any form. You can reserve your partnership name for 120 days. Search here to determine if your partnership name has been registered or reserved already. 

Every Arizona city, town, or county can regulate businesses in their jurisdiction. And here’s where it gets a little tricky. Thankfully, the Arizona Commerce Authority has two great forms that’ll direct your city or town office or county office (if you’re doing business in an unincorporated area). As you’re navigating your municipal business regulations, reach out to us if you have questions. We’d love the opportunity to help!

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